Tsum Tsum Subscription: Ariel and Eric (June 2017)

I was stoked to open up this month’s box to see that Disney decided to go back to the classics. I love this ‘movie moment’ from the Little Mermaid and I am also happy to have an Eric tsum, as my Little Mermaid stash of tsums was definitely missing him.

The quality of the boat itself was a little iffy, as the front of the boat kind of flops over (which you can see in the photo), but the tsums themselves appear to be of good quality (I adore Ariel’s ribbon).

My main comment with the boxes so far is that there doesn’t seem to be a real ‘bang for your buck’ with these tsums. I personally stay on the subscription month to month because of my love for tsum tsum as well as the exclusivity of the tsums, but when you look at what the cost of each item is, this box doesn’t appear to be a great value.

Each mini on Disney’s website is $5.95 (and these often go on sale when you buy more than one to being $4 each). The boat is hard to put a price on, but my best guess would be about $10. So the worth of this month’s box would roll in at around $22 full priced. When a box costs $27 a month, you can see this isn’t exactly a steal.

However, as mentioned before, the exclusivity definitely bumps up the value of a box. Considering the popularity of the Little Mermaid, the cheapest I’ve found this month’s box on eBay is $40. So if you aren’t a fan of a particular month, there is the possibility of resale to recuperate if not profit off your box.

Tsum Tsum Subscription: Chewbacca and Maz (May 2017)

I know I’m worlds late on the subscription box posts, but I’m hoping to catch up and get back into the groove of posting!

Of all the tsum tsum subscription boxes I’ve gotten so far, I would say that this was the most lackluster. I love Star Wars (mostly fueled by my brother’s obsession when we were kids), but I did not anticipate Star Wars being incorporated into this particular subscription.

For the month of May, we got Chewbacca and Maz. I could appreciate Maz because she is an original tsum, meaning (at least to my knowledge), you can not get her in stores. Chewbacca, however, is very common. While the size is not a normal size (somewhere between mini and medium), I just was not all that excited to get him.

This box was not a bust, however, because it did make a pretty great gift for my brother’s birthday in June. So while I personally was not excited, I was happy to see the joy it brought my brother to get something away from the ordinary (yes, I am guilty of buying him Star Wars tsums in the past; so while this wasn’t unexpected, it is definitely more original than the sale shelf variety of tsums at Walmart).

Tsum Tsum Subscription: The Lost Boys (April 2017)

So I opened up my box for the month and I was a little disappointed at first because the more I unwrapped, the smaller the actual tsum tsums I received were appearing. However, I was much more please when out plopped six micro tsum tsum in the form of the lost boys!

I immediately ran to show Alec as well as my mom (who was in town for the weekend) and I happily put them up on my display. While it’s hard to stomach the price tag for such small tsum, I was pleased with the detail and the shear adorableness of what I received.

Now I’m determined to go out and find Peter Pan, Wendy, and Tink! (That’s the trouble with these – I always end up wanting more!)

Tsum Tsum Subscription: The Fox and the Hound (March 2017)

When Alec and I first heard rumors that this month’s subscription would be the Fox and the Hound, I was super excited. My parents actually own one of the movie cells and it is one of my favorite things decorating my family home.
The box came in yesterday and I have to say I wasn’t disappointed. The mini fox and hound are adorable and the little log is cuter than what I had in my head. However, I do understand why some people are upset about the price, and this month’s box definitely did not fit the bill of the $27 price tag.

While adorable and coming with a prop, two minis will run you about $12. The city based mini with little extra items (for instance, Chicago dog Mickey and deep dish Minnie) run about $15. So saying the fox and the hound would cost $12 at a store and maybe the log would cost an extra $6 (price of a mini tsum), I would say the value of this box is only at about $18, unfortunately.

Nonetheless, the Fox and the Hound is one of my favorite movies and the price hasn’t made me any less excited to add these to my collection!

Tsum Tsum Subscription: The Rescuers (February 2017)

So I am absolutely guilty of convincing Alec to sign us up for the Tsum Tsum monthly subscription and so far I am super excited to see what we have in store in the coming months. Who doesn’t love receiving adorable Disney characters in the mail every month? Well, I’m sure many people but I am among those that are quite happy Disney provides this.

Just last week our first bag came in with the Rescuers, which I knew I wanted as soon as I saw the photos on the Disney website. I definitely could not say no and now I am quite pleased to have them resting on my dresser for me to gaze upon. On the bright side, maybe I could use these as toys for future children? The possibilities are endless, really.


The packaging was that of a standard shipping bag with the cute Tsum Tsum sticker and tissue paper, so not terribly durable but our package arrived without any issues.

Bianca and Bernard had a successful flight on Orville, much to our delight. I’m still not over how adorable they are. Disney has also introduced a new ‘micro’ size of 2.5″ tsums, which is what Bianca and Bernard are.

Above is what they look like next to my mini sized sleepy Dumbo. They are quite small (therefor easy for me to lose), so I opted not to detach them from Orville for safe keeping. Overall, I am very happy with the quality and (of course) theme of this month’s Tsum Tsum Subscription. I’m looking forward to seeing what next month had in store (I’m not going to lie –  I really hope it is Beauty and the Beast themed)!

Thomas Kinkade: Beauty and the Beast Falling in Love Puzzle – Frame Update


Alec and I ordered this frame from Amazon for $27 for our lovely Beauty and the Beast puzzle. I checked the details multiple times, worried I would not get the right size before ordering, as there are many different types of frames. Sadly, this is not a standard sized frame so the size is not available at Walmart or Target. There are larger, cheaper frames at Walmart but I did not want to deal with matting or centering the puzzle.

Upon arrival, I was very pleased to see that the puzzle fit nicely in the frame, though the edges of the puzzle are not shown. I am fine with this because I would rather have the puzzle fit snug and not have wiggle room than move about. This also kept me from having to glue or tape the puzzle into the frame.

Overall, I am happy with the sizing, quality, and price of what I ordered. We are looking to buy another Thomas Kinkade puzzle and I will get this frame again, both because I like the look and also because I enjoy having matching frames.

Beauty and the Beast Falling in Love: Thomas Kinkade Puzzle

One of our purchases from our most recent trip came in the form of this wonderful, 1000 piece puzzle. We started he puzzle on a Monday evening and put about two hours in before heading to bed. We managed to get the borders and parts of Lumiere and Cogsworth.


Tuesday night we got another two and a half hours in, managing to get a good portion of the beauty and the beast as well as the castle and Maurice with his flying machine.


Wednesday was the longest about of time we put into the puzzle, adding five more hours to our total. However, we found ourselves almost done apart from the sky.


Finally, Thursday rolled around and two more hours of work later we were done.

In sum, it took Alec and I around 11.5 hours to get this puzzle done. It was a fun thing to do and a good way to spend time together rather than getting distracted by media like we so often do, especially since neither of us had completed a puzzle in years. I ordered a frame and it should be here next week – I can’t wait to see it up on our wall!

If you’re looking for some hard earned wall decor, a Thomas Kinkade puzzle may be what you’re looking for. It’s a great excuse to get your gears moving in your head and to get yourself out of media for a while.


Shirt Purchase – LuLu Bleu Boutique (Etsy)


My favorite Disney shirt that I have gotten so far is hands down the embroidered monogram shirts I purchased from LuLuBleuBoutique on Etsy. You can find the listing here. The shirts are a little pricey, but when you take into consideration the quality of the shirt (Comfort Colors), the personalized monogram, and cute Minnie and Mickey hats, I think they are well worth it!

This particular shirt we’ve all worn various times since our trip (once at a family gathering) and then whenever we felt like wearing them – I actually wore mine just a few days ago. They are the perfect amount of Disney while being practical for everyday wear.

Ordering was easy and working with Lauren was even easier – she was able to help me choose a color that was girl and guy friendly as well as the monograms. Plus the embroidery aspect means you don’t have to worry about your designs peeling or bleeding! Overall, a 10/10 experience.


I would like to add to this post to say that my most recent order with Lauren was rather disappointing. I ordered three more shirts so that my fiance’s mom, brother, and sister would be able to match us while we were together at the parks. The shirts were due on January 7th, but I contacted Lauren to ask that the shirts be expedited by one day, as we were due to fly out the 7th. This meant the shirts would not be received in time to wear with my fiance’s family if we couldn’t get the shirts by the 6th. I offered to pay more to get the shirts early, but she assured me it would be no problem. Long story short, I did not receive the shirts until January 12th, which meant my fiance and I did not have the shirts to gift to his family before we went to the parks. I did, however, part with Lauren on a good note after receiving a partial refund. I am not certain on whether or not I will shop here again.



Shirt Purchase: Target

Wanting to match but also on a budget? My mom found these shirts at Target for us to wear while at the wonderful Disney World. The list price is $12.99, which isn’t bad when you’re talking about Disney, but she waited and found a deal that made them even more reasonable (I believe to be in the $8-$9 range).

The fit of the shirt is unisex and the material is quite thin, but I found it to be very comfortable. If you’re a female, I would suggest wearing a tank top underneath the shirt simply because of the thinness. It was totally worth the price though and it kept us matching while not skyrocketing the price of preparing for the trip too high. My fiance actually enjoys the fit and wears the shirt on a semi-regular basis, so it’s good for use when not on Disney trips as well!