Experience: Skip Heather

Have you ever had one of those ‘only at Disney’ kind of experiences? When Alec and I were at Disney back in September, we got engaged. Right afterwards my family didn’t exactly know what to do (because of all the thought and anticipation going into the engagement). So we walked into Adventureland and huddled to regroup and figure out a plan of action.

A cast member by the name of Heather approached us with a friendly smile and offered to snap our picture. My mom being my mother informed out lovely skip about Alec and I’s engagement and Heather was ecstatic (probably a better reaction than when I told some of my friends, honestly). She insisted she take us to the canteen where she presented everyone with celebration buttons (and Happily Ever After ones for Alec and me) and then went to far to write us a fastpass for all of us to ride one ultimate ride of our choice (excluding Frozen Ever After, of course).

This experience was one of my all time favorites while at Disney because if I wasn’t already convinced of Disney’s magic, Heather definitely did the trick. This is one of the many reasons that I love vacationing here – you never know what awesome people or experiences will come your way!



So as you may have been able to guess, the function of this blog is to be my own personal Disney blog. Being born with the name Belle and a mother who’s happy place is Disney World, I really had no chance – I was born to love Disney. Fortunately, I found a partner that also loves and takes pleasure in all things Disney, which led to our engagement at Disney World this past September. He is the kind soul that suggested I start a blog concerning this passion of mine. 

In this blog, I plan to write about a little bit of everything. I am an avid crafter and have already crafted a few different Disney themed items as well as taken a go at painting Magic Bands. I also love watching Disney movies, visiting the parks (as often as an Indiana native can get to them), and writing reviews about food, locations, you name it. With this blog, I will be implementing the use of categories to organize my posts accordingly. 

Come into my little Disney nook and stay tuned for my upcoming posts.