Movies: Moana

I know I’m a little late to the party considering Moana was released on Digital HD this past Monday and will ultimately be available to all in the near future, but I just had the pleasure of watching this movie last Friday wit Alec.

I was definitely not disappointed. If you haven’t already, I would highly recommend watching this movie when you find the time. The plot line is well thought out and I love that Moana is so strong minded and determined, something many people can relate to and look up to.

After the movie, I actually went to the trouble of looking up some facts and various information on how the plot came into focus. At one point, the movie was looking to focus completely on Maui but I am so thankful they instead opted to give a powerful role to Moana instead.

My only (albeit minor) disappointment is that I saw Pua (Moana’s pig friend) all over the advertising and thought he would have a larger role (yes, a pig should have had a stronger role). For all the cover art with Pua, I figured he’d be around for more than just a couple minutes of screen time.

However, I think it’s a really great ‘coming of age’ movie that really stresses finding yourself and being who you are, even if it is difficult sometimes. Who doesn’t like watching a movie that focuses on being yourself?

I liked this movie so much that I immediately wanted to watch it again (though Alec drew a line there), so I instead bought the soundtrack and have been listening to it nonstop. I also bought a Heihei tsum tsum plush that Alec stole to display on his dashboard. Needless to say, I’m completely enamored with the movie and you should be too!


Movies: Zootopia

After watching this movie for probably the tenth time, I just thought I should write a post singing my praises for Zootopia. In terms of animated films produced by Disney, this is probably my favorite since the Emperor’s New Groove in 2000.

So I know it’s been out for almost a year now, but if you’re late to hop on the train, I would absolutely encourage you to grab a friend and sit down for a few hours and enjoy. Or if you’ve already seen it, watch it again!

Without ruining or revealing too much, the plot is very well thought out with just enough humor for both kids and adults. Something that can be hard to find in movies nowadays is a real ‘takeaway’ and I think Zootopia does a wonderful job of getting its message across, which is encouraging everyone to accept one another as they are.

I honestly cannot talk about this movie enough or how much I love it. After watching it with Alec, I bought it on Blu-ray to show my parents. Then I went so far as to find merchandise (Tsum Tsums and Disney Infinity figures), which I hardly ever do because I usually wait until I can find a deal before spending money on a full-priced Blu-ray.

Therefore, if you haven’t seen it, take some of your free time to sit down, relax, and enjoy. If you love Disney and cute animals, I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed! And just so you know, Zootopia is very conveniently available to watch on Netflix.

Walt Before Mickey

Alec and I just sat down to watch the film Walt Before Mickey, which is conveniently available on Netflix. We watched the movie and I took the time to look up the reviews only afterwards, which I now regret. The move received a 20% on Rotten Romatoes, and for good reason. The film obviously has the plot of covering Walt Disney’s road to Mickey Mouse, which is where he started his serious path to success.

Problems with the movie I found include:

  • The slowest plot I have ever witnessed in a movie. It was almost painful to watch. I was begging for more intrigue the entire movie.
  • When the movie ended, I felt that it never had a climax or real turning point. The film stayed deadpan pretty much throughout.
  • The end of the movie is when the film actually appeared to get interesting but, well, it was over.
  • The movie as a whole is pretty depressing. I hoped there would be happier up points but again, it was deadpan and really didn’t have a lot of happiness.
  • It felt unfinished. I understand that the film covers Walt Disney before Mickey, but I would have like to have seen some sort of reel at the end showing the success rather than some short updates on the people in the film.

So if you were thinking about watching the film, I would suggest simply reading Walt Disney’s biography on Wikipedia and save yourself the time.