Carnation Café: Breakfast

While at Disneyland, my friend made us a reservation to visit Carnation Café because she ad heard so many good things. We arrived right on time for out 8:45 AM reservation and we were seated immediately.

Once seated, we were handed menus and we ordered our drinks. Annie and I decided we would try the signature Mickey Waffle while Alec opted for the Class Eggs Benedict (which was surprisingly less expensive). Annie also ordered the apple topping for an extra dollar.

When the food came out, I was stoked. The waffle looked awesome (and I must admit, I was super jealous I didn’t order the apple topping for myself [second photo]). The waffle went fast and the eggs benedict even faster. The waffle itself was quite good and Alec’s eggs benedict was very good. No problems were had when devouring this meal.

For dishes in the $10-$12 range, the pricing is actually pretty reasonable and on par with any nice breakfast joint you’d find in a major city. Overall, I wouldn’t mind coming back to Carnation Café and getting another waffle with some awesome topping, especially with the reasonable prices and a need to get in a good meal before running around the parks all day!


Blue Bayou: Lunch

Alec and I made a trip out to Disneyland over the weekend to visit a good friend. We had done some research and decided on Blue Bayou as the table service location of choice after reading some glowing recommendations.

We managed to get a 1:40 PM reservation for Monday (December 4) only two days in advance. I had to check the Disneyland iPhone app a few times throughout Saturday, but sure enough a reservation opened up and I grabbed it.

We arrived a few minutes late for our reservations (the Pirates ride was a little backed up and offloading took a bit longer than expected), but the concierge had no problems. We requested a table near the water, which is why I believe our wait was closer to 30 minutes after arriving.

I must say, the wait to be placed by the water was definitely worth it. Throughout our dining experience, we waved at Pirates of the Caribbean riders and just had a blast. It was fun looking at the different parts of the entry to the attraction and just be engulfed in the setting of New Orleans. It was definitely a ‘true Disney’ experience where you just forget about the world outside of Disneyland.

The entrees are set up as a two course menu. You can ask for salad with a choice of ranch or vinaigrette or a cup of gumbo as your first course followed by the entrée. My friend, Annie, and I both opted for the bone-in rib eye with salads while Alec chose the bolognaise with gumbo.

I must also note, throughout your experience your server and anyone clearing plates will ask if you would like bread (or more bread). Not gonna lie, we said yes every time and the three of us went through three baskets of bread. The bread is completely free and delicious (maybe even more so because it’s free) and is flavored with a little rosemary. Each basket is essentially a mini loaf with three to four portions that can be easily pulled from the loaf. You get two kinds of butter, plain and smoked. We tried the smoked butter and agreed it tasted a little like bacon, but all of us preferred just going with the plain butter.


The salad was very good, but different than expected. I must admit, I didn’t read the fine print and I don’t like gorgonzola cheese much, so I ended up picking out some of the larger chunks while eating. However, I didn’t have any issues polishing the salad off and before I knew it, the gumbo in front of Alec was wiped clean.

When the main entrees came out, I was stoked. The rib eye came with a cup of mac and cheese with gouda and seasonal vegetables, which were green beans, small zucchini, and cherry tomato. I ordered my steak medium rare and received a steak that was closer to medium, so if you like your steaks bloody, I’d suggest noting this to the server. Again, I had no troubles eating through the steak and thought it was quite good, just a bit more cooked through than I had anticipated.

My seasonal vegetables were great, but the mac and cheese left me with something to be desired. The green beans had a little crunch, which I love, and the remaining veggies were seasoned well. The mac and cheese was good, but not great. There was more breading than cheese, so I found it to be a little dry. As you can probably guess by now, I still had no issues finishing my meal.

Alec enjoyed his bolognaise and the shrimp I tried from his meal was good. Alec said he enjoyed the entrée, but he could’ve settled for a big bowl of gumbo over the bolognaise because he liked it so well. He also received a little dish of bread with sauce (last picture), which he did not finish and I was too full to try (very helpful, I know).

Overall, I understand what the hype is about for Blue Bayou. You really can’t beat the atmosphere and fun of watching ride-goers go by while listening to bayou sounds. If you’re planning a trip out to Disneyland, I’d definitely say this is worth your time just for the experience.