Coca-Cola Store: International Soda Flight (Disney Springs)

A place Alec and I spent a decent amount of time was the Coca-Cola Store in Disney Springs. Locating the rooftop beverage bar, we found an international soda flight on the menu for $8. With 16 sodas to taste, 50 cents a sample is pretty reasonable for being at Disney. I am so glad that we decided to try this out because I had a blast sampling and writing down all of our reactions. Below are our comments on each drink.

Tray 1:

1. Stoney Tangawizi

  • Belle: Almost Pepper-like undertone?
  • Alec: Deceptively sweet at the start with some spice at the end.
2. Fanta Exotic Fruit Punch
  • Belle: tastes like fruit punch
  • Alec: carbonated fruit punch – kind of like a fruity bubblegum
3. Bon Bon Anglais
  • Belle: kind of like a red skittle
  • Alec: tastes like watered down strawberry, maybe more raspberry
4. Sunfill Mint
  • Belle: watered down mouthwash
  • Alec: Yeah I don’t like it. Tastes more like toothpaste
5. Minute Maid Joy Apple
  • Belle: watered down apple juice?
  • Alec: yeah
6. Fanta Apple Kiwi
  • Belle: more kiwi than Apple
  • Alec: but the smell is there of apple
7. Smart Watermelon
  • Belle: carbonated watermelon
  • Alec: Yeah it’s not bad
8. Thums Up
  • Belle: tastes like Coke but has an almost coffee-like undertone?
  • Alec: not a fan of that one
Tray 2
1. Beverly
  • Belle: I don’t even know how to describe that.
  • Alec: like bad cough syrup. The goal of it is to make it taste like alcohol without alcohol. It’s almost like gin. Ahhh that was gross.
2. Aquarius Libre
  • Belle: kind of like lemon water
  • Alec: it’s a lot better than Beverly
3. Fuse Tea with Berries
  • Belle: is that tea?
  • Alec: pretty good for tea
4. Bonaqua Fruits Apple Pear
  • Belle: kind of like sour apple but then has a weird watery taste at the end
  • Alec: it’s alright. The pear is watered down. Too tart
5. Lift Manzana
  • Belle: sugary sweet
  • Alec: thats good. Doesn’t taste like apple though it’s just sweet
6. Fanta Kolita
  • Belle: fruity but has an odd aftertaste
  • Alec: tastes like watered down toothpaste or mouthwash again
7. Inca Kola
  • Belle: kind of juice-like
  • Alec: slightly sweet
8. Delaware Punch
  • Belle: sweet but also reminiscent of cough syrup
  • Alec: tastes like watered down fruit punch
  • Belle: I like the Fanta Apple Kiwi.
  • Alec: Either the exotic fruit punch or the apple kiwi. I also liked the apple pear a lot, but It’s a little too tart.

Which ones did we not finish?

From tray 1, we really didn’t like #4 Sunfill Mint and #8 Thums Up (we actually looked this one up and it’s from when Coke left India – a company made a knock off and it managed to do well enough that even when Coke came back, Thums Up stayed too). From tray 2 we didn’t like #1 Beverly (we had tried this at Club Cool in Epcot and knew what we were in for, but we still weren’t quite prepared) and #2 Aquarius Libre (it wasn’t terrible but it was by no means good).

So if you’re looking to kill some time while exploring international sodas, this is absolutely worth $8. I had such a fun time that it actually was one of my favorite parts of our trip. We spent about half an hour just relaxing and pretending to be fancy soda connoisseurs. One suggestion I have, however, is buying a fountain drink (the rooftop has a freestyle machine) to cleanse your pallet after some of the ickier drinks.


Drink: Pina Colava


As I’m fairly certain I have mentioned previously, my absolute favorite drink at Disney is the Pina Colava, hands down. What makes it different from a Pina Colada is that it has some lovely raspberry in it.

When I drink alcoholic drinks, I prefer not to taste the alcohol and the Pina Colava delivers. I have had many of his drink at varying locations around Disney and have yet to be disappointed. I would absolutely recommend this drink to those that like something sweet and frozen with just a bit of alcohol.