Resorts: Pop Century

My fiance and I are young professionals, which translates to ‘we love Disney World, but we can only afford so much.’ Of the value resorts, we chose Pop Century. My fiance did some research (as he would like All Star Sports if it came down to theme) and decided Pop Century would be the best of the value resorts to stay. The main motivation behind this choice is the fact that Pop Century has its own bus while the All Stars can share. Plus it equated to only about $10 more per night.

Of course, value resorts are called value resorts for a reason. The rooms resemble a normal hotel more than that of a Disney resort, but the exterior I found to be quite well thought out. Who doesn’t love a giant tub of Play-Doh? I would suggest paying a little extra for a preferred room, which is a room that is closer to the Pop Century ‘hub’ (food court, shop, guest services, and most importantly the buses). Disney World comes with a LOT of walking, so it’s nice not to have a long walk from the bus to your room after a long day.

I also enjoyed the bar, Petals, as it was right by the hub and provided my favorite drink, the Pina Colava. It does close earlier than bars at other resorts to my understanding, which is something to take into consideration if you want a nice drink after the parks close.

The pools are not as fancy or well themed as that of the higher costing resorts, meaning no water slides or hot tubs. However, this didn’t bother us much at all because we tend to spend as much time at the parks as possible, which made our resort more of a crash pad than a hang out spot. With this in mind, it would not have made a lot of sense for us to spend more money on a nicer resort that we would not have taken the time to enjoy.

I am sure that my perspective will change in latter years when children that needs naps and love swimming are involved, but for our current situation, Pop Century fit our needs perfectly!