Craft: Photo Frame


I made this Disney themed photo frame this past summer for my fiance’s sister’s birthday. The steps to making this were super simple and easy.

  1. I had my frame already in hand because I bought it while it was on sale, confident I would find a use for it and I did! Michael’s is usually my got to place for all things crafting. I found this product on their site and there are almost always coupons available for 50% a regular priced item.
  2. I took out the back of the frame along with the plastic (no glass on this one) and set them aside as they didn’t need paint.
  3. Finding a red paint I liked within my collection, I coated the entire frame with it.
  4. Once dry, I found a circular object in the size I liked for the polka dots (in my case, I used the bottom of a glitter bottle) and used a pencil to draw dots.
  5. I carefully painted all the circles white. This took some time and being a bit of a perfectionist, I kept painting areas that bothered me until I was finally content.
  6. Next, I chose a font I liked on – the font I used here is called sweet pea.
  7. You could print this and trace it onto the frame surface, but I opted to free hand the wording. I simply looked between what I was painting and the computer screen.
  8. Once done painting, I took the frame to my garage and sprayed it with lacquer to seal it, though this was just a precaution and is likely not necessary.
  9. Last but not least, putting the plastic back in with the photo of choice and the backing!

From start to finish, I would say this was about a two hour long endeavor.