Carnation Café: Breakfast

While at Disneyland, my friend made us a reservation to visit Carnation Café because she ad heard so many good things. We arrived right on time for out 8:45 AM reservation and we were seated immediately.

Once seated, we were handed menus and we ordered our drinks. Annie and I decided we would try the signature Mickey Waffle while Alec opted for the Class Eggs Benedict (which was surprisingly less expensive). Annie also ordered the apple topping for an extra dollar.

When the food came out, I was stoked. The waffle looked awesome (and I must admit, I was super jealous I didn’t order the apple topping for myself [second photo]). The waffle went fast and the eggs benedict even faster. The waffle itself was quite good and Alec’s eggs benedict was very good. No problems were had when devouring this meal.

For dishes in the $10-$12 range, the pricing is actually pretty reasonable and on par with any nice breakfast joint you’d find in a major city. Overall, I wouldn’t mind coming back to Carnation Café and getting another waffle with some awesome topping, especially with the reasonable prices and a need to get in a good meal before running around the parks all day!


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