Tsum Tsum Subscription: Runaway Brain (October 2017)

I was surprised to see that Disney opted for semi-obscure titles two months in a row. And I must say, I wasn’t terribly impressed with this month’s box. While I can appreciate getting original tsums with original concepts, I just didn’t fall in love with these little guys.

After a quick Google search, I read the synopsis of Runaway Brain on Wikipedia. In short, it’s a classic Frankenstein-esque short film that definitely fits in with the upcoming Halloween holiday. So while I appreciate the originality and timing, I just didn’t feel that these had a high value.

Apart from Dr. Frankenollie, I imagine it was quite easy to produce the Mickey Mouse and Julius tsums, as they’ve already made the template for normal Mickey and Pete. I just felt that these didn’t scream quality and craftsmanship like many of the others, mostly because of the tsums’ likeness to previously made characters.

My sentiment for these tsums seems to be shared with resellers online too, as eBay has this month’s sub box listed for as low as $23 with free shipping, the lowest I have seen a box listed for to my memory.

So while I like the imagination and Halloween spirit put into this month’s box, I cannot say I am terribly attached to the tsums received. Will I sell them? Probably not, but I can say this is the least exciting box I’ve gotten so far. Here’s to hoping that next month will be awesome!


Disney Treasures: Haunted Forest (October 2017)

So, I’m a little late to the game in joining the Funko Disney Treasures subscription, but I wanted to wait it out for a few months and see if the boxes were as really good as they seemed. With a promising start (I must say the Dumbo in the first box almost had me convinced on its own), I decided to join in the fun of this subscription. And I must say, I was not disappointed.

Costing a total of $36.95, this box was packed full of fun stuff. The box itself is adorable, designed to look like a treasure chest, and when you open it up, the lid has a cute little map.

Of course, starting to delve into the box, I was met with a real ‘treasure map.’ This map gives a good idea on what the exact contents of the box are and what the uses are for each item or the concepts behind them.

3. map

As shown on the map, the box contained a great many items, including a Magic Mirror patch, Jafar pin, October 2017 sticker, and one of mine and Alec’s personal favorites, a nice, large Maleficent dragon.

The fun has only just begun though, as there’s more in the box! There’s a Cruella de Vil Dorbz as well as a cute Nightmare Before Christmas ‘Zero’ bag for those of us still trick or treating. Sadly, I don’t see myself having much use for this bag, but it is mighty cute.

Lastly, the box contained a tin box with a Haunted Mansion ghost inside. I had Alec take a bunch of pictures because I was confused on exactly what it is. In essence, it’s a cute little ghost figure in a nicely themed Haunted Mansion tin.

So let’s get to the pricing portion:

  • Magic Mirror Patch – $5 (a guess, really based on a quick online search)
  • Jafar Pin – ~$5 (I’m making this based on pricing for a mystery tsum pin.)
  • Maleficent Pop Figure – $20 (for a larger pop, however I’m seeing pricing as hhigh as $140 on eBay, which of course I don’t know if someone will buy at that price)
  • October 2017 Sticker – $0 (I am thinking this isn’t something someone would buy, rather just a cute thing to get with this box.)
  • Cruella de Vil Dorbz – $8 (this has pretty much no mark up online)
  • Zero Trick-or-Treating Bag – $10 (based on similar bags online)
  • Haunted Mansion Tin / Figure – $15 (this is more of a guess)

With these estimates, I’d value the box at a grand total of $63, which is over twice as much as I paid (when taking out the $6.95 shipping costs). So I’d say that this box easily gives a bang for your buck when it comes to content, quantity, and quality of items.

I can say with confidence that I’ll be signing up for December’s box, Snowflake Mountain!

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