MagicBands: Take 2

If you saw my first custom MagicBand post, you could probably guess that I would customize MagicBands for our January trip. Alec wanted a red band this time and I wanted to make ours more ‘coupley’ since we were doing this trip solo. After some thinking, I settled on the Lion King’s Simba and Nala.

I followed most of the same steps I did in my first post, the main change being that I had Alec and I try on the bands and determine where we would want the to clasp. I then clasped the bands at those parts and painted them at that part. For sealing, I decided to paint on two layers of mod podge before a last layer of clear nail polish. Below is the final result.


So how did they hold up? In short, better than the first round! Alec and I wore these for five days and the paint itself did not chip! However, the nail polish did crack at the edges just a bit.

Overall, I was quite pleased with how they held up. On the next round, I think I am going to do away with my current nail polish seal and try mod podge along with either a new nail polish or possibly a spray paint sealer. We will see!


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