Snack: A Crepe in France


I must say, out of the many wonderful things I’ve loved and devoured at Disney, this snack tops the list of ‘absolutely will never order again.’ Alec and I have been fortunate enough to enjoy authentic French crepes while visiting Paris and while I knew my expectations would be a bit too high, I was also plenty aware that we were indeed in Orlando, Florida and not Paris, France.

The biggest issue I had with this crepe is that it is not make fresh in front of you. instead, the cast member in the crepe stand slaps a pre-made crepe on the hot plate and after roughly 5 seconds of ‘heating up,’ throws some chocolate syrup on it, folds it, and completes the crepe with another bit of chocolate syrup.

This meant a few different things:

  • The crepe was not hot. Rather, it was lukewarm at best.
  • The texture of the crepe was completely off. Rather than being light and for lack of a better word, fluffy, it was somehow dense and almost hard to swallow.
  • The garnish was simple chocolate sauce and was completely lacking in a ‘wow’ factor.

Disney has so many great options I just assumed this one would be another slam dunk, but unfortunately it more than missed the mark. When looking for snacks, I would suggest grabbing a nearby donut or stopping by the bakery in Norway to satiate your sweet tooth rather than gambling with this crepe.



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