Snack: Donuts as Big as Your Head

When walking towards the World Showcase in Epcot, I saw a pop-up bakery with giant donuts and knew I wanted one. Later on in our trip, we were walking between the United Kingdom and Canada and wouldn’t you have it, there were more donuts! Located at the Joffrey’s Expresso & Pastries kiosk, I happily received my giant donut.

I used one of my snack credits on this item (costing roughly $5 so I didn’t feel it was a waste) and did very much enjoy the donut. My only regret is I promised half to Alec and halfway through I definitely wanted to polish it off.

The main reason I opted to grab this donut is mostly because, apart from having a huge sweet tooth, I was craving a donut. And while it was a very good donut, I would suggest using snack credits on more substantial or unique foods.


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