Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn & Cafe: Lunch

My family and I tried Pecos Bill for the first time in September of 2016 and really enjoyed it, so Alec and I decided to return on our most recent trip this past January. In my opinion, the most filling (and best) menu item is the fajita platter.

As I’ve mentioned before, one thing I especially like is when there is a side bar. Pecos Bill offers a side bar that features a guac whip, sour cream, cheese, jalepenos, salsa, and more. Unlimited guac? Count me in!

Along with the fajita platter we also tried the Southwest Burger this time around and I am please to say that this is the best Southwest burger we enjoyed whilst on Disney property. The fajita platter mixed with my nice boat of items from the side bar was more than filling and we left Pecos Bill fuller than we needed to be.

While I enjoyed this meal at the time of consumption, both Alec and I did have issues afterwards in terms of digestion. I felt a bit nauseous for a good part of the day, but I am unsure if this was caused by the food itself or my overeating.

My rankings are:

Atmosphere: 8 – Food: 10 – Price: 8

The atmosphere of Pecos Bill is kind of like that of a cafeteria, but there are cast members that band together and sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to people with buttons and really liven up the place, so along with the theme of the place it does not really feel like a cafeteria. The food is very good, but watch yourself or you might eat too much (maybe consider bringing Ziploc baggies to stow your leftovers). And finally, while the food is great, it is the number four ‘best credit value’ for your quick service credit, but that unfortunately means it is rather pricey to someone paying out of pocket. Overall, I am quite certain that I will end up at Pecos Bill again.


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