Walt Before Mickey

Alec and I just sat down to watch the film Walt Before Mickey, which is conveniently available on Netflix. We watched the movie and I took the time to look up the reviews only afterwards, which I now regret. The move received a 20% on Rotten Romatoes, and for good reason. The film obviously has the plot of covering Walt Disney’s road to Mickey Mouse, which is where he started his serious path to success.

Problems with the movie I found include:

  • The slowest plot I have ever witnessed in a movie. It was almost painful to watch. I was begging for more intrigue the entire movie.
  • When the movie ended, I felt that it never had a climax or real turning point. The film stayed deadpan pretty much throughout.
  • The end of the movie is when the film actually appeared to get interesting but, well, it was over.
  • The movie as a whole is pretty depressing. I hoped there would be happier up points but again, it was deadpan and really didn’t have a lot of happiness.
  • It felt unfinished. I understand that the film covers Walt Disney before Mickey, but I would have like to have seen some sort of reel at the end showing the success rather than some short updates on the people in the film.

So if you were thinking about watching the film, I would suggest simply reading Walt Disney’s biography on Wikipedia and save yourself the time.


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