Thomas Kinkade: Beauty and the Beast Falling in Love Puzzle – Frame Update


Alec and I ordered this frame from Amazon for $27 for our lovely Beauty and the Beast puzzle. I checked the details multiple times, worried I would not get the right size before ordering, as there are many different types of frames. Sadly, this is not a standard sized frame so the size is not available at Walmart or Target. There are larger, cheaper frames at Walmart but I did not want to deal with matting or centering the puzzle.

Upon arrival, I was very pleased to see that the puzzle fit nicely in the frame, though the edges of the puzzle are not shown. I am fine with this because I would rather have the puzzle fit snug and not have wiggle room than move about. This also kept me from having to glue or tape the puzzle into the frame.

Overall, I am happy with the sizing, quality, and price of what I ordered. We are looking to buy another Thomas Kinkade puzzle and I will get this frame again, both because I like the look and also because I enjoy having matching frames.


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