Tsum Tsum Subscription: The Rescuers (February 2017)

So I am absolutely guilty of convincing Alec to sign us up for the Tsum Tsum monthly subscription and so far I am super excited to see what we have in store in the coming months. Who doesn’t love receiving adorable Disney characters in the mail every month? Well, I’m sure many people but I am among those that are quite happy Disney provides this.

Just last week our first bag came in with the Rescuers, which I knew I wanted as soon as I saw the photos on the Disney website. I definitely could not say no and now I am quite pleased to have them resting on my dresser for me to gaze upon. On the bright side, maybe I could use these as toys for future children? The possibilities are endless, really.


The packaging was that of a standard shipping bag with the cute Tsum Tsum sticker and tissue paper, so not terribly durable but our package arrived without any issues.

Bianca and Bernard had a successful flight on Orville, much to our delight. I’m still not over how adorable they are. Disney has also introduced a new ‘micro’ size of 2.5″ tsums, which is what Bianca and Bernard are.

Above is what they look like next to my mini sized sleepy Dumbo. They are quite small (therefor easy for me to lose), so I opted not to detach them from Orville for safe keeping. Overall, I am very happy with the quality and (of course) theme of this month’s Tsum Tsum Subscription. I’m looking forward to seeing what next month had in store (I’m not going to lie –  I really hope it is Beauty and the Beast themed)!


Movies: Moana

I know I’m a little late to the party considering Moana was released on Digital HD this past Monday and will ultimately be available to all in the near future, but I just had the pleasure of watching this movie last Friday wit Alec.

I was definitely not disappointed. If you haven’t already, I would highly recommend watching this movie when you find the time. The plot line is well thought out and I love that Moana is so strong minded and determined, something many people can relate to and look up to.

After the movie, I actually went to the trouble of looking up some facts and various information on how the plot came into focus. At one point, the movie was looking to focus completely on Maui but I am so thankful they instead opted to give a powerful role to Moana instead.

My only (albeit minor) disappointment is that I saw Pua (Moana’s pig friend) all over the advertising and thought he would have a larger role (yes, a pig should have had a stronger role). For all the cover art with Pua, I figured he’d be around for more than just a couple minutes of screen time.

However, I think it’s a really great ‘coming of age’ movie that really stresses finding yourself and being who you are, even if it is difficult sometimes. Who doesn’t like watching a movie that focuses on being yourself?

I liked this movie so much that I immediately wanted to watch it again (though Alec drew a line there), so I instead bought the soundtrack and have been listening to it nonstop. I also bought a Heihei tsum tsum plush that Alec stole to display on his dashboard. Needless to say, I’m completely enamored with the movie and you should be too!

Sprinkles Cupcakes


Located at Disney Springs is a lovely place called Sprinkles Cupcakes which is always packed with people. Even longer many times is the ‘cupcake ATM’ line just outside, which is rather uncommon here in the states.

Unwilling to wait in a longer line, I dropped into the actual store and ordered myself a red velvet cupcake, which I very promptly devoured. Although I’ve discovered that Sprinkles is a chain (there’s actually one near me – happy day), if you do not have one nearby I would definitely suggest dropping in to enjoy a sweet treat.

The cake itself is light, the icing is sweet and not too dense (I’m not a fan of buttercream so dense is not something I look for in icing). The little topper is most garnish, but also edible. However, it is very hard and not all that enjoyable to eat.

So, to recap, if you’re in Disney Springs, you should go enjoy a cupcake from Sprinkles because the one (okay, I had two) I ate was one of the best I’ve had.

Experience: Skip Heather

Have you ever had one of those ‘only at Disney’ kind of experiences? When Alec and I were at Disney back in September, we got engaged. Right afterwards my family didn’t exactly know what to do (because of all the thought and anticipation going into the engagement). So we walked into Adventureland and huddled to regroup and figure out a plan of action.

A cast member by the name of Heather approached us with a friendly smile and offered to snap our picture. My mom being my mother informed out lovely skip about Alec and I’s engagement and Heather was ecstatic (probably a better reaction than when I told some of my friends, honestly). She insisted she take us to the canteen where she presented everyone with celebration buttons (and Happily Ever After ones for Alec and me) and then went to far to write us a fastpass for all of us to ride one ultimate ride of our choice (excluding Frozen Ever After, of course).

This experience was one of my all time favorites while at Disney because if I wasn’t already convinced of Disney’s magic, Heather definitely did the trick. This is one of the many reasons that I love vacationing here – you never know what awesome people or experiences will come your way!

Movies: Zootopia

After watching this movie for probably the tenth time, I just thought I should write a post singing my praises for Zootopia. In terms of animated films produced by Disney, this is probably my favorite since the Emperor’s New Groove in 2000.

So I know it’s been out for almost a year now, but if you’re late to hop on the train, I would absolutely encourage you to grab a friend and sit down for a few hours and enjoy. Or if you’ve already seen it, watch it again!

Without ruining or revealing too much, the plot is very well thought out with just enough humor for both kids and adults. Something that can be hard to find in movies nowadays is a real ‘takeaway’ and I think Zootopia does a wonderful job of getting its message across, which is encouraging everyone to accept one another as they are.

I honestly cannot talk about this movie enough or how much I love it. After watching it with Alec, I bought it on Blu-ray to show my parents. Then I went so far as to find merchandise (Tsum Tsums and Disney Infinity figures), which I hardly ever do because I usually wait until I can find a deal before spending money on a full-priced Blu-ray.

Therefore, if you haven’t seen it, take some of your free time to sit down, relax, and enjoy. If you love Disney and cute animals, I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed! And just so you know, Zootopia is very conveniently available to watch on Netflix.

Snack: School Bread


While Alec and I were in Norway and craving a little something to tide us by, we decided to try out the school bread. Both of us frequent the Walt Disney World subreddit and a resounding ‘must try’ was the school bread, which is the main reason I felt we should try it out ourselves.

If you’re looking for something different, this is definitely different. As you can tell from the photo, this is more of a pastry than a bread, but it is rather dense and the inside cream doesn’t exactly cover the whole bread. I liked the cream and coconut on top much more than the bread itself.

Was it my favorite food in all of Disney? Not exactly. Would I get it again? Probably. I enjoyed it and would definitely suggest giving it a try to others since it’s not like anything I’ve tried before.

Snack: A Crepe in France


I must say, out of the many wonderful things I’ve loved and devoured at Disney, this snack tops the list of ‘absolutely will never order again.’ Alec and I have been fortunate enough to enjoy authentic French crepes while visiting Paris and while I knew my expectations would be a bit too high, I was also plenty aware that we were indeed in Orlando, Florida and not Paris, France.

The biggest issue I had with this crepe is that it is not make fresh in front of you. instead, the cast member in the crepe stand slaps a pre-made crepe on the hot plate and after roughly 5 seconds of ‘heating up,’ throws some chocolate syrup on it, folds it, and completes the crepe with another bit of chocolate syrup.

This meant a few different things:

  • The crepe was not hot. Rather, it was lukewarm at best.
  • The texture of the crepe was completely off. Rather than being light and for lack of a better word, fluffy, it was somehow dense and almost hard to swallow.
  • The garnish was simple chocolate sauce and was completely lacking in a ‘wow’ factor.

Disney has so many great options I just assumed this one would be another slam dunk, but unfortunately it more than missed the mark. When looking for snacks, I would suggest grabbing a nearby donut or stopping by the bakery in Norway to satiate your sweet tooth rather than gambling with this crepe.


Coca-Cola Store: Alcohol Flights (Disney Springs)

Later on in the evening, we met up with Alec’s friend and had a pleasant little double date kind of thing. We decided to return to the Coca-Cola Store and try out the lovely alcohol flights.We had mixed feelings on many of the drinks and had a fun time together.

Flight 1 (left photo):

  • Old Fashion
    • This was a fairly simple drink that Alec enjoyed the best out of all of us. It tasted too alocholic to me and I handed it over without any issues.
  • Jack and Coke
    • This tasted pretty much how you would imagine.
  • Cuba Libre
    • This was definitely the least favorite drink of the flight and actually was found to be less enjoying than Beverly Revenge (cringe). Alec’s friend actually chugged this one down.
  • Vanilla Russian
    • Alec and his friend claimed this tasted like a root beer float. His date and I agreed this did not taste enjoyable at all and happily handed it off to the guys.

Flight 2 (right photo):

  • Strawberry Mojito
    • This was quite good and I happily enjoyed it all on my own. Out of all the drinks, this is probably the only one I would have gone back to get a full size of.
  • Beverly Revenge
    • As you can probably imagine if you’ve ever tried the Beverly soda at Club Cool in Epcot, this was not a great drink. However, I found that it being paired with the citrus in the drink made it much more enjoyable than Beverly on its own.
  • Raspberry Lemonade Margarita
    • If you know me, sweet is my idea of a good drink. This was the second drink I took over as my own and I found it to be quite enjoyable.
  • Cherry Coke Ripper
    • Alec’s friend really enjoyed this one but I still found it to taste too much like alcohol for my liking. Alec did enjoy this one as well.

All in all, this was a fun thing to do once. We all had a great time trying out the drinks and just hanging out at the bar area on the roof. I could see myself hanging out there fairly often if I were a local because it’s a fun atmosphere with plenty of soda to enjoy.


Coca-Cola Store: International Soda Flight (Disney Springs)

A place Alec and I spent a decent amount of time was the Coca-Cola Store in Disney Springs. Locating the rooftop beverage bar, we found an international soda flight on the menu for $8. With 16 sodas to taste, 50 cents a sample is pretty reasonable for being at Disney. I am so glad that we decided to try this out because I had a blast sampling and writing down all of our reactions. Below are our comments on each drink.

Tray 1:

1. Stoney Tangawizi

  • Belle: Almost Pepper-like undertone?
  • Alec: Deceptively sweet at the start with some spice at the end.
2. Fanta Exotic Fruit Punch
  • Belle: tastes like fruit punch
  • Alec: carbonated fruit punch – kind of like a fruity bubblegum
3. Bon Bon Anglais
  • Belle: kind of like a red skittle
  • Alec: tastes like watered down strawberry, maybe more raspberry
4. Sunfill Mint
  • Belle: watered down mouthwash
  • Alec: Yeah I don’t like it. Tastes more like toothpaste
5. Minute Maid Joy Apple
  • Belle: watered down apple juice?
  • Alec: yeah
6. Fanta Apple Kiwi
  • Belle: more kiwi than Apple
  • Alec: but the smell is there of apple
7. Smart Watermelon
  • Belle: carbonated watermelon
  • Alec: Yeah it’s not bad
8. Thums Up
  • Belle: tastes like Coke but has an almost coffee-like undertone?
  • Alec: not a fan of that one
Tray 2
1. Beverly
  • Belle: I don’t even know how to describe that.
  • Alec: like bad cough syrup. The goal of it is to make it taste like alcohol without alcohol. It’s almost like gin. Ahhh that was gross.
2. Aquarius Libre
  • Belle: kind of like lemon water
  • Alec: it’s a lot better than Beverly
3. Fuse Tea with Berries
  • Belle: is that tea?
  • Alec: pretty good for tea
4. Bonaqua Fruits Apple Pear
  • Belle: kind of like sour apple but then has a weird watery taste at the end
  • Alec: it’s alright. The pear is watered down. Too tart
5. Lift Manzana
  • Belle: sugary sweet
  • Alec: thats good. Doesn’t taste like apple though it’s just sweet
6. Fanta Kolita
  • Belle: fruity but has an odd aftertaste
  • Alec: tastes like watered down toothpaste or mouthwash again
7. Inca Kola
  • Belle: kind of juice-like
  • Alec: slightly sweet
8. Delaware Punch
  • Belle: sweet but also reminiscent of cough syrup
  • Alec: tastes like watered down fruit punch
  • Belle: I like the Fanta Apple Kiwi.
  • Alec: Either the exotic fruit punch or the apple kiwi. I also liked the apple pear a lot, but It’s a little too tart.

Which ones did we not finish?

From tray 1, we really didn’t like #4 Sunfill Mint and #8 Thums Up (we actually looked this one up and it’s from when Coke left India – a company made a knock off and it managed to do well enough that even when Coke came back, Thums Up stayed too). From tray 2 we didn’t like #1 Beverly (we had tried this at Club Cool in Epcot and knew what we were in for, but we still weren’t quite prepared) and #2 Aquarius Libre (it wasn’t terrible but it was by no means good).

So if you’re looking to kill some time while exploring international sodas, this is absolutely worth $8. I had such a fun time that it actually was one of my favorite parts of our trip. We spent about half an hour just relaxing and pretending to be fancy soda connoisseurs. One suggestion I have, however, is buying a fountain drink (the rooftop has a freestyle machine) to cleanse your pallet after some of the ickier drinks.

Snack: Donuts as Big as Your Head

When walking towards the World Showcase in Epcot, I saw a pop-up bakery with giant donuts and knew I wanted one. Later on in our trip, we were walking between the United Kingdom and Canada and wouldn’t you have it, there were more donuts! Located at the Joffrey’s Expresso & Pastries kiosk, I happily received my giant donut.

I used one of my snack credits on this item (costing roughly $5 so I didn’t feel it was a waste) and did very much enjoy the donut. My only regret is I promised half to Alec and halfway through I definitely wanted to polish it off.

The main reason I opted to grab this donut is mostly because, apart from having a huge sweet tooth, I was craving a donut. And while it was a very good donut, I would suggest using snack credits on more substantial or unique foods.