The Daily Poutine: Dinner

Another place at Disney Springs that I really wanted to try was the poutine at The Daily Poutine. If you are unfamiliar with the term, poutine is a Canadien dish that consists of gracy, cheese curds, and fries. So, really, there is no way to go wrong with that kind of a combination.

We decided to order the traditional poutine with some Yeungling on the side (one of Alec’s favorite beers). While I enjoyed the dish, I have to say I have been spoiled by actually eating poutine in Canada and the two really do not compare.

Some notes I would say about the food include: the gravy tasted a little watered down and was not very flavorful, which I would say contributed to make the dish a bit mushy. The cheese curds were on top of the fries which cooled them down and made them stand out in terms of texture and consistency of the dish. Again, I thought as a whole the poutine was good, but it was not remarkable and Alec had similar feelings towards it as I did.

So if you’re down to try something new, I would say go ahead and give The Daily Poutine a go. But if you’re near somewhere that you can get a more authentic dish, I would definitely opt out and use your money or appetite elsewhere.


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