T-Rex: Lunch

Alec and I had an opportunity to spend the day exploring Disney Springs on our last trip and I had a blast. I wouldn’t say it was as much fun as the parks, but Disney Springs is a great place to get the Disney feel without paying for it.

While out and about, we decided to enjoy a meal at T-Rex. Neither of us had been but it was on our radar from our previous trip and we both knew we wanted to try it out. When it comes to price, this was the best sit down restaurant that I have found so far. While $15 for a burger sounds fairly steep to those of us in Indiana, it is incredibly reasonable at Disney. We left with our bellies full from a great meal at just over $50 including the tip.

I would not say the atmosphere of the restaurant screams Disney, but it also doesn’t take you out of the Disney feel entirely either. We we seated right by some lovely dinos and the meteor shower every 10 or so minutes was fun. If you have a dinosaur fan in the family (Alec loves dinos), then I would definitely suggest stopping in.

After having some disappointing experiences with guac at many various Disney properties, I am pleased to say that the Guac-asaurus Burger was just the right thing to renew my faith in guac. The burger was quite yummy and I was happy to actually be able to taste the guac. Alec enjoyed the Bronto Burger, which was similar in nature but did not include guac. Of course, the waffle fries were great but I almost always love waffle fries.

Overall, my ratings would go as follows:

Atmosphere: 10 – Food: 9 – Price – 9

The atmosphere was awesome with all the dinosaurs and varying little landscapes/habitats and I very much enjoyed my burger. As for the price, if you’re paying out of pocket, head over to T-Rex. But as a heads up, if you’re on the dining plan this would be a hard place to get your money’s worth as it counts as a table service credit. All in all, I would be happy to dine here again (and I may do so at a different location nearer to my permanent residence)!



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