Beauty and the Beast Falling in Love: Thomas Kinkade Puzzle

One of our purchases from our most recent trip came in the form of this wonderful, 1000 piece puzzle. We started he puzzle on a Monday evening and put about two hours in before heading to bed. We managed to get the borders and parts of Lumiere and Cogsworth.


Tuesday night we got another two and a half hours in, managing to get a good portion of the beauty and the beast as well as the castle and Maurice with his flying machine.


Wednesday was the longest about of time we put into the puzzle, adding five more hours to our total. However, we found ourselves almost done apart from the sky.


Finally, Thursday rolled around and two more hours of work later we were done.

In sum, it took Alec and I around 11.5 hours to get this puzzle done. It was a fun thing to do and a good way to spend time together rather than getting distracted by media like we so often do, especially since neither of us had completed a puzzle in years. I ordered a frame and it should be here next week – I can’t wait to see it up on our wall!

If you’re looking for some hard earned wall decor, a Thomas Kinkade puzzle may be what you’re looking for. It’s a great excuse to get your gears moving in your head and to get yourself out of media for a while.



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