Tangierine Café: Dinner

Alec and I saw the third place ranking (best in Epcot) on wdwprepschool.com for the most worthwhile use of a quick service credit and decided to give Tangierine a try.

We enjoyed the Shawarma Chicken and Lamb Platter. It was later in the evening so we opted to split a meal rather than get our own. This is a good idea if you are looking for a filling snack, but it is not enough food for two people. It is hard to go wrong with hummus and Moroccan bread, if you ask me. Both were quite good and my favorite part of the meal. Of the meats, I preferred the lamb; I thought the cucumber sauce was a good pairing considering the meats were a little dry. The tabouleh and Tangierine couscous salad were both different (considering my very American diet), but enjoyable.


My rankings are as follows:

Atmosphere: 6 – Food: 8 – Price: 8

The location is cramped and it is hard to maneuver around the tables and chairs, plus it is hard to find a table that is not near an open door (we were there on a chilly evening). The food itself is quite good, but likely a little too pricey if you are not on a dining plan. Overall, a 7/10 experience.


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