Columbia Harbour House: Lunch

After a busy morning of walking around, we snagged a fast pass to the Haunted Mansion and had a little bit of time to kill. Alec (fiance) suggested we get some food and had heard good things about this restaurant, so we decided to stop in.

We decided on the fried shrimp plate mostly because I was not in the mood for fried fish or chicken but I still wanted fries. You can find the full menu here.


This was a lower cost meal considering we were on the quick service dining plan, but I was excited when they said I could get the frozen lemonade with the dining credit (I had been craving one for some time). The fried shrimp was to be expected – better quality than, say, Long John Silver’s but not up to Red Lobster standards. The fries were good, no complaints. Alec and I agreed the coleslaw over at Flame Tree Barbeque in Animal Kingdom was far tastier than the one we had here (just in case anyone is in the mood for coleslaw). I did enjoy the frozen lemonade quite a bit; it was the right combination of sweet and tart. However, I would suggest using a regular straw rather than the cute Mickey shaped one because it is not nearly as effective.

I am glad we used this place as more of a snack (since we had more quick service meals than needed and we split this entree) rather than a full meal because it was filling but not remarkably good. If we are in the area, I would not mind eating here again but I would rather opt for lunch somewhere else in Magic Kingdom.


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