ABC Commissary: Lunch

One of the places that I intentionally decided not to return to on my most recent Disney World trip was ABC Commissary. While the food was good, it was not filling and the experience itself felt more like a cafeteria than Disney dining. Although, my expectations for a quick service may be too high from the times I have been to Be Our Guest.

I tried a little of the various menu items (the steak, southwest burger, and Mediterranean salad with chicken breast) and out of these items, I would recommend the steak the most and likely the burger the least. The steak gives you more value for the meal plan, as it’s a higher priced item. The salad is still very good, but it is still a salad and when I am at Disney, I like to go all out. I enjoyed the burger, but the southwest burger at Pecos Bill outshines this one by a long shot.

My favorite items were actually the adorable cupcakes we got as our deserts. I loved the decoration on them, and while I am not always a fan of sweets, these cupcakes were surprisingly not dense and the icing was quite sweet, but still enjoyable.

If you are looking to grab a quick bite to eat while at Hollywood Studios, ABC Commissary is rated the best value quick service at this park by However, if you have a park hopper ticket and do not plan to spend a full day at Hollywood Studios, I would suggest looking elsewhere to use your dining credits.

My rankings are as follows:

Atmosphere: 7 – Food: 7 – Price: 7

Again, the setting is more like that of a cafeteria and I did not find the food filling for the price allotted to the entrees.


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