Express Transportation

A new option added to the Walt Disney Word experience is Express Transportation. My fiance and I cannot recommend this enough.

The pricing is as follows:

  • $15 per person for one day of unlimited bus use
  • $24 per person for up to seven days of unlimited bus use

Being at the parks for 5 days, we naturally chose the $24 multi-day option. The buses were incredibly timely and the most people on one bus we experienced was about 10, so there was still plenty of seating. More often than not, there would be just the two of us or us plus another couple.

The departure times we experienced were:

  • From MK to:
    • HS – 20s and 50s
    • AK – hour and half hour
    • Epcot – 10s and 40s
  • From HS to:
    • AK – 10s and 40s
    • Epcot – hour and half hour
    • MK – 20s and 50s
  •  From AK to:
    • Epcot – 20s and 50s
    • MK – hour and half hour
    • HS – 10s and 40s
  • From Epcot to:
    • MK – 10s and 40s
    • HS – hour and half hour
    • AK – 20s and 50s

The best part of this transportation is the fact that you do not have to go through security every time you want to switch parks. The longest bus ride we had was about 20 minutes park to park. When changing parks the traditional way on our last trip, it would takes us a minimum of 40 minutes. So if you’re looking for more time at the parks and less time waiting around for a bus or in line to get your bags checked again and again, this is definitely worth the money. Of course, you do need a park hopper ticket! Disney won’t give you park hopping for only $24.



2 thoughts on “Express Transportation

  1. This is a fantastic new option! Does it drop you off at the main gate of each park and you have some sort of a special entrance to use, just for express pass holders? Just wondering how you enter the second park. I am assuming that you enter your first park of the day just like everyone else.


    1. bellejunge

      The locations are within the park! Magic Kingdom you go near Space Ranger Spin, Epcot’s is to the left of the ball if you’re facing it, Hollywood Studios is by Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, and Animal Kingdom’s is near the Kilimanjaro Safaris! So you go through the main entrance once and then use Express Transportation within the parks. You never leave the parks which is why you do not need to have your items checked again!


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