MagicBands: Take 1

As I had mentioned in my introduction, I absolutely love crafting. So naturally, I decided to take on the challenge of painting MagicBands. I will go through my technique and then the end results of the MagicBands after the trip (some fared much better than others).

My step-by-step process:

  1. First, be sure your MagicBand is clean. You do not want paint or anything sticking to dirt and ruining your design.
  2. The first MagicBand I painted was my own. I wanted to ensure I knew what I was doing (and worse case, if i had to mess one up, I wouldn’t want it to be anyone else’s). My character: Judy Hopps. I put a Google search in for “Judy Hopps coloring page” because I didn’t want to use up my color ink and a coloring page is much easier to trace.
  3. I choose the image from this link and printed it in wallet size.
  4. I then cut the image out of the 8×11 paper and taped (just with normal scotch tape) the image where I wanted it to appear on the clean MagicBand.
  5. I found that the easiest way to transfer from the design to the MagicBand was simply by running a fine tip sharpie over the paper whilst taped to the MagicBand multiple times. A faint outline of the image you desire will transfer to the MagicBand for painting.
  6. Once the outline was done, I looked up another image of Judy Hopps so I could color match as best as possible. I used this image for reference, just leaving it up on my computer screen.
  7. The fun part – painting away! Following the traced lines and Google image, I had some fun bringing Judy to life.
  8. With Judy done and me being happy with the result, I went ahead and painted my fiance’s (Nick Wilde) and dad’s (Dumbo) MagicBands as well.
  9.  I put off painting my mom’s (Minnie) and brother’s (Buzz) until later mainly because I needed a break – the three bands took me nearly all day.
  10. The next challenge was how to seal the bands. Having used cheap acrylic paints, I could easily scratch off my paint job if I wanted to. I ended up choosing LA Nail Rapid Dry Top Coat as my sealer, carefully ‘painting’ over the entire colored part of the band with the polish.
  11. The end result (including Minnie and Buzz):7

Now, to move on to how they did ‘in the wild.’ My band and my dad’s band made it through four days and nights of Disney World with no problem at all. My mom’s band and my fiance’s band made it through mostly okay – there was some cracking around where the bands bend on the sides of one’s wrist. Lastly, my brother’s absolutely got wrecked.

Verdict? This method is very effective if you are conscience of your band during the trip and are not too terribly high energy. My brother is the perfect definition of high motion and high energy, which obviously did not mesh well with the band I painted.

With the next bands I paint, I plan to experiment with ‘prepping’ the bands beforehand, using a more human sized base to wrap the bands around (to try to prevent cracking at the bends of the bands), and possibly a newer bottle of top coat (I honestly do not know the age of the one I used).


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