So as you may have been able to guess, the function of this blog is to be my own personal Disney blog. Being born with the name Belle and a mother who’s happy place is Disney World, I really had no chance – I was born to love Disney. Fortunately, I found a partner that also loves and takes pleasure in all things Disney, which led to our engagement at Disney World this past September. He is the kind soul that suggested I start a blog concerning this passion of mine. 

In this blog, I plan to write about a little bit of everything. I am an avid crafter and have already crafted a few different Disney themed items as well as taken a go at painting Magic Bands. I also love watching Disney movies, visiting the parks (as often as an Indiana native can get to them), and writing reviews about food, locations, you name it. With this blog, I will be implementing the use of categories to organize my posts accordingly. 

Come into my little Disney nook and stay tuned for my upcoming posts. 




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